AudioThing Things – Crusher: Filter and Bit Crusher

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AudioThing Things – Crusher

AudioThing Things – Crusher  · 


Here’s a cheap and useful addition to any plug-in folder: AudioThing Things – Crusher is a combination of a multi-mode filter and a bit crusher. Send your audio tracks through a variety of different filters, turn them into a pile of digital rubble, or combine both effects for all sorts of wacky experiments. Things – Crusher is now available for just €9 – or even for free!

AudioThing Things – Crusher

The next plug-in in the creative AudioThing Things series is all about filtering and bit crushing. The developer says that it’s inspired by the effects section of the Noises instrument, which was developed in collaboration with Berlin-based artist Hainbach. Consequently, it’s free if you already own Noises.

At the heart of Things – Crusher is the namesake bit crusher effect. It offers Bits, Downsample, and Harshness controls for dialling in various flavours of digital destruction. There’s also a mix control that allows you to blend the dry and wet signals.

The other component of the plug-in is a fully-featured multi-mode filter. You can choose from lowpass, highpass, bandpass, and notch modes, and 2-pole or 4-pole slopes. A nice frequency graph shows you what the filter is doing. Besides the Cutoff and Resonance controls, there’s a switch that allows you to insert the filter before or after the bit crusher in the signal chain. You can also control the output level of the filter.

Like all Things series effects, Things – Crusher is a simple, but effective plug-in that’s easy to use and delivers quick results to keep the creative juices flowing. While you’ve probably already got a bunch of filters and bit crushers in your collection, this combination looks like a lot of fun. And it’s now available for a very low intro price.

Price and compatibility

AudioThing Things – Crusher is now available for just €9, down from €19. It’s free if you already own Noises. You also get it for free if you purchase any other plug-in from AudioThing during the month of May.

The plug-in requires macOS 10.19 or higher or Windows 7 or higher. It’s available in AU, VST, VST3, and AAX formats (64 bit).

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