Tannoy brings back its Gold monitors for modern music producers

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Tannoy is staging something of a comeback for its studio monitor line-up with the introduction of Tannoy Gold. These are positioned as premium nearfield monitors to occupy the top of the company’s range above the successful Reveal* series. The first ‘Gold’-branded monitors from Tannoy actually appeared way back in 1967, replacing the Monitor Red which was a mainstay in British studios throughout the 1960s. The new Gold range is bringing these monitors’ legacy to modern producers.

Product highlights include “neutral” sound reproduction, Dual Concentric drivers, titanium tweeters with Tulip waveguides, dual Class-AB transducer-matched amplification, controls (input trim, bass, and treble), and selectable automatic standby mode. All speakers get XLR and TRS phone jack inputs to connect two audio sources, as well as front-firing bass ports.

The Tulip Waveguides are designed for symmetrical dispersion, providing a broad soundstage and accurate stereo imaging. On the back of the monitors, one will also find a L/R speaker position switch, AUX Input, and Monitor Link jacks, and a Bass Adjust switch with shaves up to -4dB from the low-frequency range.

Dual Concentric

Predictably, Tannoy talks a big talk about its new Dual Concentric drivers. Manufactured by the company, these are said to be “near-perfect” point sources that promise an accurate response, controlled dispersion and a wide sweet spot. There’s no arguing that Tannoy’s Dual Concentric monitors dominated British recording studios up until the 1980s and are well-revered in the professional realm. The design’s history dates as far back as 1947 when the original 15-inch Dual Concentric appeared. It was the first showcase for the point-source approach, which dealt away with phase shifts occurring as two or more drive units are placed along with the monitor’s front baffle.

The Tannoy Golds are available in 5-inch (Gold 5), 6.5-inch (Gold 7), and 8-inch (Gold 8) driver sizes. Amplification power is 200 Watts for the Gold 5 and 300 Watts for the Gold 7 and Gold 8 speakers.

Price and availability

The Tannoy Golds start at USD 250 for the Gold 5, climbing up to USD 315 for the Gold 7 and USD 385 for the Gold 8. These are rather sane prices for speakers with a long legacy of leadership behind them, not to mention well-honed driver technology and a decent suite of inputs and controls for room correction. The first in-depth reviews of these speakers will make interesting reading.

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