Prolight + Sound: New Austrian Audio instrument mics OD5 & OC7

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Frankfurt Prolight + Sound is giving more with these new Austrian Audio instrument mics, the OD5 & OC7. Are these another hit from the Viennese mic maker? Let’s take a look at the specs and find out…

New Austrian Audio instrument mics

Fresh from the Frankfurt Prolight + Sound show floor, I’m thrilled to report on this new pair of instrument microphones. Clearly, if you’ve been looking for some new, innovative instrument microphones, then look no further. If you thought you’d seen it all when it came to instrument mics, then you should take a look at the OC7 & OD5

Undoubtedly, the most striking piece of design is the swivel joint mechanism in the mic head itself. This swivel joint allows you a 220-degree rotational position for fine-tuning mic positioning. In my opinion, this is a superb combination of form and function.

Austrain Audio OC5

You’ll find two models on offer, the OC7 condenser and OD5 dynamic, both of which offer what Vienna Audio call a “linear cardioid” polar pattern. Austrian Audio claims that this linear cardioid pattern ensures that cross talk from other instruments won’t ruin your sound. 

The OC7 is a true-condenser, small diaphragm microphone; consequently, you should enjoy placing it on piano, acoustic guitar and percussion instruments. Equally the OD5 is a great all-round workhorse for anywhere you’d normally place a high quality dynamic.

Dynamic and Condenser Technology

You’ll find some clever technology packed into the OC7 & OD5; for example, you’ll find the same active-dynamic circuit in the OD5 that debuted in the OD505 vocal microphone. As a result, you can be assured that long cable runs won’t affect the signal quality.

Furthermore, you’ll find a two-position CAB (Cut and Boost) filter on the OD5. You’ll find that the first position cuts low frequencies and additionally gives your signal a boost at 8-Hz. This should add weight to your guitar tones, but equally, you’ll find the second position gives you a conventional high-pass filter.

I should also mention the absurd sound pressure level handling of these microphones! For example, the OC7 will handle 154 dB SPL (>160dB SPL with pad); effectively it’s impossible to overload these mics.

Austrian Audio OC7

OC7 and OD5 – More winners from Austrian Audio

The OC7 and OD5 prove that this relatively young company is forging ahead with innovative products that build upon the company’s eg-AKG heritage. It would have been very easy for them to churn out C12 and 414 replicas. Instead, mics like the OC7 and OD5 prove there’s still innovation in the microphone industry.

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