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    Standard 27.5″ Size

    FHD/4K Pixel to Pixel Resolutions

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    4 IN 1 Integrated Packaging

    IMD Integrated Packaging

A27 Pro Series

A2712 Pro/A2715Pro
Pixel Pitch:1.27mm/1.58mm
Panel Material: Aluminium



>> 4 IN 1 Integrated Packaging
>> Increase collision resistance, protecting LEDs from being knocked out

>> Absen Common Cathode Technology
>> Standard Size 27.5′–FHD/4K Pixel to Pixel Resolution
>> Install Method-Flexible for Different Scenarios

Standard 16:9 Size

Pixel to Pixel 4K&FHD Resolutions


Absen Common Cathode Technology

Absen common cathode technology improves brightness with better heat dissipation


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