RP-Distort 2: new Rob Papen distortion plug-in

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RP-Distort 2 featured


Rob Papen

RP-Distort 2 is the successor to the distortion plug-in from virtual instruments and effects developer Rob Papen. Version 2 is the best kind of update, one that expands the creative potential of an already accomplished product. Heres more about it…

RP-Distort 2 distortion plug-in by Rob Papen

The Distortion module remains at the heart of RP-Distort 2. The module contains EQ (now pre- and post-distortion), gate, and as many as 52 distortion types. Among them are Lo-fi, band-pass, amp sims, and modulation. New to version 2 is waveshaping, with Dual Wave Shapers available to design custom curves.

Furthermore, Version 2 integrates the Disrupt Sphere slider from Rob Papens DelSane stereo tape delay plug-in. It can be used to control / morph several modulation parameters at once. You can also chain it to the newly added Audio Follower and relinquish parameter modulation to your tracks envelopes. Also available are LFOs with a Mod Matrix.

The signal path is complete with an effects section, which includes analog-modeled Filter, Compressor, and a Widener / Chorus modules. Their order of processing can be re-arranged. Finally, RP-Distort 2 lets you organize Presets and Banks from a dedicated window.

RP-Distort 2 waveshapers

The new waveshapers are deadly…

It looks like a lot of work went into this update. The result is a brutal distortion plug-in with functionality and a nostalgic feel, owing to the unabashedly anti-flat user interface with its 00s aesthetic. I miss that stuff dearly!

Price and availability data

RP-Distort 2 is available now from Rob Papen and its resellers for USD / EUR 49. The upgrade from RP-Distort costs EUR / USD 19. You can purchase the plug-in from our affiliate partner Plugin Boutique.

The plug-in works under Windows 7+ and macOS 10.13+ in 64-bit VST, VST3, AU, and AAX formats. 32-bit VST and VST3 are available for Windows computers. On the Mac side, the plug-in is compatible with both Apple Silicon and Intel. The activation happens offline and the plug-in can be installed on 2 computers.

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