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Fresh from the Frankfurt show floor comes Austrian Audio WL1 Shure compatible capsules. If you love the company’s OD505 and OC707 mics, but want to use them with your Shure wireless gear, then the answer is here!

Austrian Audio WL1 Shure compatible capsules

If you’re a regular to the live zone, you can’t help but have noticed the exciting recent releases from Austrian Audio. Earlier today, we saw the release of two new instrument microphones; I can now bring you news on two new wireless mic capsules.

So what have Austrian Audio got for us then? The two new capsules are the OC707 WL1 and the OD505 WL1 and if those model names sound familiar then there’s a very good reason why…

These two new capsules are based upon the company’s first live sound microphones, the OC707 and OD505, released in 2021. The acoustic specifications are identical, so check out our blog on those mics for the tech specs. What’s new? Well, for the first time, you can now enjoy Austrian Audio mic capsules with your Shure wireless equipment.

Shure Wireless Compatibility

At first, you might think it rather strange for Austrian Audio to make a product designed to work with a “competitor’s” products. However, it actually makes perfect sense, to me. Austrian Audio doesn’t currently make any wireless microphone products, and Shure’s wireless gear is highly regarded and an industry standard.

Austrian Audio aren’t alone in offering Shure compatible capsules; sE Electronics and Heil Sound (to name but two) also make Shure wireless compatible capsules. As a result, the OC707 WL1 and OD505 WL1 join an established ecosphere of wireless gear without Austrian Audio having to invest costly R&D into their own wireless systems.

I’m sure that FOH engineers and artists everywhere will be excited at the availability of a new wireless-capsule option. I’ve been unreservedly vocal in my support of the innovative designs from Austrian Audio. I can only see these new releases strengthening their position as one of the most exciting mic manufacturers out there.

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