Midweek Modular: Cre8audio, Brain Damage, the end of Mutable and more

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Midweek Modular



While Mutable Instruments says goodbye, we welcome the Cre8audio bonanza of modular things in the shape of NiftyKEYZ and Function Junction with Noodles. Plus, we have cool stuff from Error instruments, Waveform, Cereal Instruments and more.

This week’s saddest news was the collective realisation that Mutable Instruments is winding down to a close. After various hints and quiet background discontinuations of modules, we discovered there are no plans for any new modules, and these current productions will be the last. Read all about it here.

In better news Cre8audio are back with the impressive NiftyKEYZ Eurorack and MIDI keyboard machine in which you can build your synthesizer. Check out the news here, and we have a full review from Lasse here.

Other highlights include the fabulous IDUM Intelligent Dance Music generator from Mystic Circuits and the new 6 channel mixers from Feedback Modules. Worth checking out if you missed our posts on them.

Midweek Modular Bits and pieces

I’m pleased to shine a light on a few modules and cool modular things for this week’s Midweek Modular.

Brain damage MIXER

You’re never quite sure what you’re going to get from Error Instruments next, so I’m delighted to introduce you to a complex experimental touch mixer. The Brain damage MIXER uses a labyrinth of four channels that you can mix by placing your fingers on a circular touch plate. Apparently, it also works well with a metal sponge.

Error Instruments Brain Damage MIXER

Error Instruments Brain Damage MIXER

There’s no mixing allowed with volume controls; you’ve just got to get in there and experiment. It can handle audio or CV bringing up the possibility of generating complex waveforms and modulation. Fun, mad and organically fascinating.


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  • Error Instruments website.
  • More from Error Instruments.

Cereal instruments RESOLUTION

Resolution is a module with 4 nicely long faders for generating or attenuating voltages. Each one has an attenuating knob that effectively sets the range for the fader. You’ll find that the inputs are normalled, so if you plug some voltage into the first input, it results in outputting 4 different versions.

Cereal Instruments Resolution

Cereal Instruments Resolution

This is a really good, simple and useful bit of functionality that you could employ as all sorts of things. I like the idea of having a sort of modulation controller. It would be interesting to send out the same LFO to different modules but at different levels.

  • Cereal Instruments website.
  • More from Cereal Instruments.

Waveform Mewsic Box 2.0

From Waveform magazine comes a new version of the Mewsic Box. It pushes the 60 HP format out to 4U with the addition of a 1U strip for Intellijel format 1U modules. Black epoxy laminate forms the case, along with vector rails. The optional cable and plant pot holder that you can screw on the side is a rather natty addition.

Waveform Mewsic Box 2.0

Waveform Mewsic Box 2.0

The Mewsic Box 2.0 comes as a DIY kit, so some soldering is required on the power supply and connections. Fortunately, Waveform says it’s not very challenging. You can also add sliding nuts and an internally mounted speaker when purchasing. $89 is a reasonable price for a fun little case.

Cre8audio Nazca Noodles

While the NiftyKEYZ and Function Junction are the star attractions, there’s also another helpful thing from Cre8audio that might have flown under the radar – Noodles. Cre8audio already offered a “Box ‘o’ Cables” in their store, but it wanted to go further and come up with something more intentional.

Cre8audio Nazca Noodles

Cre8audio Nazca Noodles

The Nazca Noodles were designed with Pittsburgh Modular to offer a low profile patch cable. They’re great for lidded cases where you want to retain the patch and are nicely thin to minimise the cluttering up around patch bays. They come in a range of fabulous colours and lengths and have an interesting rubberised feel. They should be available any time now.


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